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For dogs that are scared or show anxiety, the Thundershirt gently calms. For storms, barking, separation, travel & more. As recommended by Dr Harry. Guaranteed.

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As recommended by Dr Harry on Better Homes & Gardens.
With its gentle, constant pressure ThunderShirt has a dramatic calming effect on most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or over-excited.
ThunderShirt is proven to work for many types of anxiety including thunderstorms, separation anxiety, barking, travel, crate training and more.
ThunderShirt is also a terrific tool for calming dogs on leash, during training or for problem barkers. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
The development team at ThunderShirt had 5 main objectives:
1/ Easy to put on and take off
2/ Easy to create a snug, comfortable fit
3/ Attractive, durable fabric that resists collecting hair
4/ Attractive looking when worn
5/ Inexpensive
ThunderShirt is effective and requires little to no time commitment from dog owners.
Watch the great video of Thundershirts on this page.
Will my dog get hot wearing the shirt all day ?
ThunderShirts are made from cotton which is a breathable fabric. This has no lining and is not designed to be used as a coat. However, always monitor your dog for any signs of overheating such as heavy panting or tongue hanging out of the mouth and make sure there are amply water bowls for them.
Do I have to put it on him every day ?
The answer depends on the cause of anxiety. If it is from thunder storms then listen to the forecast and have the thunder shirt ready. If it is travel anxiety then only when you are about to travel.
My dog gets over excited, will a ThunderShirt help her ?
Yes it will. The gentle pressure around the ribs release endorphins which slow the heart rate and breathing leading to a calmer dog.
What if it doesn't work on my dog ?
The manufacturers say that ThunderShirts work in about 85% of cases. From our experience it is closer to 99% success rate. ThunderShirts also have a 45 day moneyback guarantee. So if the result isn't what you were expecting, and as long as the shirt is in a saleable condition (including the original packaging) we can give you a full refund.
It looks complicated to put on.
Don't be phased. Once you have done it a few times you will soon become an expert.
Can it be put on too tight ?
Yes it can. Common sense and following the instructions will dictate what is best. Always observe your dog for signs of discomfort.
How long before a storm do I need to put the ThunderShirt on ?
There is no set time. Some people put the shirt on first thing in the morning, others wait to see what the weather is doing on the day.
How quickly will it take to start working ?
Depending on the dog and the level of anxiety, many owners see reductions or complete elimination of symptoms with the very first use. With others, it may take two or three usages of ThunderShirt to see results.
Can the ThunderShirt be washed ?
ThunderShirt is made with durable, washable fabric. When necessary, ThunderShirt may be washed in a regular cycle using regular laundry detergent and cold water. Hang to dry.
Can I use it on my cat ?
There is now a ThunderShirt designed specifically for cats. Same principal but a more appropriate size and shape for felines.
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