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Owners of Rex Specs can now purchase replacement lenses. Sold in single packs, the large are available in six colours, the small are available in four colours.

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The Rex Specs range of eyewear are guaranteed tough. However, lenses may become scratched over time or you may simply want a different coloured lense. Replacement lenses are available in a range of colours for both large and small Rex Specs.
Replacement lenses are sold singularly.
Our replacement lenses are exactly the same specs as the original lenses
  • Rated UV400 to provide protection from UVA/UVB rays.
  • Lenses are rated ANSI Z87.1-2010 for impact resistance.
  • Polycarbonate lenses.
  • Made in the USA.

Rex Specs large lenses are available in six lens colour options.
Rex Specs small lenses are available in four colours.

Click here for Rex Specs.

Fitting the replacement lenses

Gently pop the existing lens out of the frame by pushing with both thumbs, moving around the frame untill all the tabs have been released and the lens falls out.
Carefully align the replacement lense with the frame making sure the Rex Specs logo is visible from the outside. Shape the frame to fit the lense not the lense to fit the frame.
Check the frame has no gaps between the lens. 


Do the clear lenses give the same UV protection as the tinted lenses ?
Yes they do. A way to describe our lenses is by their Visible Light Transmission (VLT). This is a measurement of how much light the lens allows to pass through to the eye. A low VLT allows very little light through, and a high VLT allows a lot of light to pass. This has been broken into 5 categories – they are listed below.

Category 0 - 80-100% VLT (lots of light passes through)
Category 1 - 46-79% VLT
Category 2 - 18-45% VLT
Category 3 - 8-17% VLT
Category 4 - 3-8% VLT (not much light passes through)

The clear lenses are category 0. Smoke, silver mirror, blue mirror, and revo-red are all  category 2. The revo-blue is category 3.


I am going hiking and will be out when it is quite dark. Which colour will be best ?

I would recommend the clear lenses for evenings and night time and any of the other colours for day time.

Do dogs really need UV protection ?
Yes. There are a number of eye conditions caused or compounded by exposure to UV rays.
Ultra violet light is known to cause various types of damage to the eye such as chronic sunburn to the eyelid and surrounding area due to lack of pigment, Chronic Superficial Keratitis (pannus), Cataracts and sun spots.

I am taking my Husky to the snow this winter which colour lense will be best ?
Refering to our table above, if it is a bright sunny day with reflected light from the snow, the Revo Blue is our best option. If it is an overcast day, all of the other colours would be an excellent choice.
The mirror coating does not provide an increased level of UV protection but they do increase how cool your dog looks while on the snow fields. Allow extra time as people will want to stop you and ask questions about your dog and their Rex Scpes. Sadly they aren't that interested in you.

Note: Mirror lenses are the same darkness to look through as the smoke lens but have a mirror coating applied. This coating does scratch. We've made them as durable as possible - but if your dog goes after a rabbit in the rocks or bushes with their mirrored lenses - the lenses will show signs of the hunt. The UV protection is not compromised by scratches - 

Watch this great video showing how to correctly fit Rex Specs to your dog.
Check out the video of our goggles passing the ANSI Z87.1–2010 impact resistance test.
Also available: Rex Specs dog goggles & Extender strap for extra large dogs.
Click here for extender strap
Click here for Rex Specs dog goggles
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We dispatch most orders on the same day you place your order. We'll even provide you with a tracking number so you can stalk your postie online. We have several delivery partners and we decide who will be entrusted with your parcel based on weight, size and delivery speed.
Brisbane customers can save money by arranging to pick up their purchase from one of the local markets we attend. Just select "Collect from market" at the checkout and we will do the rest.
Outside Australia: Please contact us for the shipping rates to your area. See the contact details in the footer of this page.

Small Rex Specs single replacement lenses are available in Clear, Smoke, Revo-Blue, Revo-Red
Large Rex Specs single replacement lenses are available in Clear, Smoke, Revo-Blue, Revo-Red, Blue Mirror & Silver Mirror.