Dog Waste Bags


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Petkin waste bags are an economical way of buying dog poo bags. Purchase a dispenser & mega-roll. Twice as many bags in each roll.

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The downside to owning and walking your dog is picking up the poo. We don't like doing it, but it must be done.

Buying dog waste bags has never been easier. 

The box packs give you 8 rolls, but that's 240 bags. That should last you a while or get you through the weekend at least. 

With 30 bags to a roll, the mega-roll lasts longer too. It's twice as many as most 15 bag rolls.

They fit into a treat bag such as the Ezydog Snak Pak or Snak Pak Pro or they fit in a dedicated poop bag holder such as the Olly Dog Scoop Pick Up Bag.

Biodegradable material.


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Size Details

Petkin waste bags come in three options 
Single roll of 30 bags.
Box pack with eight rolls (240 bags) bamboo eco bags in earthy green.
Box pack with eight rolls (240 bags) plastic various colours.