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Hot drop forged stainless steel dog grooming tools for longer life. Scissors for all purposes, including curved blades, straight, rounded tips, long and short.
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Curved Blades

Ear & Nose

Hair Scissors

Thinning Scissors

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MForge grooming scissors are designed for the different needs of the groomer and the dog. Each scissor is "hot drop forged" and are heat treated for longer life.
Options available:
  • Curved Blades: for creating that beautiful round shape whether a poodle top-knot or teddy bear perfection. Great for contouring around the body. 14.5cm long.
  • Ear & Nose: for the finer cuts, with rounded ends. 9.5cm long, they are shorter for those difficult to get areas.
  • Hair Scissors: These are perfect for all general hair cuts. With round tips as you don't want to accidentally nick that fragile skin. 18cm long.
  • Thinning scissors: Great for thinning a thick coat, matting and for blending shorter to longer areas.

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Curved Blades - 14.5 cm

Ear & Nose - 9.5 cm

Hair - 18 cm

Thinning - 18 cm