Cat Teaser Toy Tie-On replacement ends


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Product Type: Cat Vendor:Vee Enterprises
Whether replacing the teaser on your cat wand toy, or needing a hanging toy for door knobs or cat towers, get a cat teaser toy tie-on replacement end.

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You purchased a Crunchy Feather Cat Teaser Toy and your cat has finally managed to destroy the ends. But the stick is perfectly good and the string isn't bad. It seems such a waste to throw it away....
Now you can get a replacement Tie-On to revitalise the teaser and your cat.
Remove your old teaser end by pushing it through the thin tube and cutting off the knot. Thread the new cord through the tube and knot it to keep in in place. Viola! A brand new toy for just a fraction of the cost.
These cat teaser replacement tie-on ends can also be tied around door knobs, or hung of towers to add extra enrichment to your cats life.
In four styles, just for a bit of variety.

Pet toys should be used under supervision.  This product is not indestructible.  Please replace this product when worn or damaged.

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The tie-on replacement ends come in four options:
  • Crunchy feather - with unbreakable white crunchy paper centres and chicken feather outers
  • Feather - with longer black and white feathers
  • Peacock Feather - blue, green and yellow feathers with a peacock feather eye in the middle
  • String - Lots of colourful strings for your cat to chase and chew