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Sleepypod is three products in one: it’s an everyday pet bed, a stylish carrier, and a crash tested safe car seat.

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Sleepypod is three products in one: it’s an everyday pet bed, a stylish carrier, and a safe car seat. While many cats and dogs associate travel with negative experiences such as a trip to the vet or kennel, Sleepypod reduces stress by allowing a pet to travel safely in the comfort and familiarity of his or their own bed. When at home, Sleepypod’s Ultra Plush padded base can be easily positioned in a favorite corner, on a table top with a view, or even in a dark closet providing your pet a comfortable space of their very own.
  • Strong and durable
  • Comfortable carrier for pets on the go
  • Removable top section
  • Optional shoulder strap
  • Becomes a car seat
  • Velcro positioning points that secure a seatbelt in place
  • Washable plush liner
  • 360° view
  • Ballistic nylon exterior
  • Everyday comfy pet bed
  • Safest car seat
  • Passed 30mph baby seat crash testing
  • Vet approved and preferred
  • Pets become more confident when traveling after using as bed at home

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Sleepypod is available in two sizes Medium and Mini, however we only carry the Medium in stock. We can order the Sleepypod Mini as a custom order.
Sleepypod Medium: height 34cm, width 43cm