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Rex Specs are durable goggles for active and working Australian dogs. With tough interchangeable polycarbonate lenses for protection from the elements and UV rays. Perfect for dogs with eye diseases such as Pannus, cataracts, ulcers, dry eyes and sun spots. Ultimate protection against UV rays, wind, dust and debris.

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The Rex Specs range of eyewear are guaranteed tough. They have been designed to provide eye protection for active dogs and thoroughly tested in all conditions on the mountains of Wyoming USA.
Each pair of Rex Specs come with two lenses. One clear and one smoke. Other colours are available as replacement lenses.
  • Rated UV400 to provide protection from UVA/UVB rays.
  • Lenses are rated ANSI Z87.1-2010 for impact resistance.
  • Polycarbonate lenses are interchangable
  • Dynamic strap system enables full jaw movement.
  • Made in the USA.

Rex Specs are now available in six sizes, six frame colours and six lens colour options.  While we don't stock every option, we are happy to order them in for you.

Check out our size guide for the best fit.  While the weight category is a general guide, we recommend you measure your dog around the muzzle (between the eyes and the mouth) and the head (between the eyes and the ears).

The First Time

We supply two lenses with each pair of goggles, one clear, one smoke. We do this for a couple of reasons but the main one is the clear lense is great for training.
We actually recommend starting to train your dog to wear Rex Specs with no lenses in the goggles. This allows your dog to get used to the frames first. Then, we recommend moving onto the clear lens, and finally to the tinted lenses.
The clear lens is great because it offers the same UV and impact protection as the other lenses without changing your dogs’ perspective on the world. We’ve learned that introducing too much at one time (the goggle frames and tinted lenses) can be a lot of change all at once for your dog. Also, as your dog is becoming comfortable with Rex Specs, there is a good chance they will paw at, or scratch the lens – so using the clear lens during this learning process keeps your second lens in perfect condition.

Replacement parts

Whilst this product is extremely durable, they are not indestructible. Replacement lenses, straps and extender straps are available to keep your Rex Specs in perfect condition all year round.


Do the clear lenses give the same UV protection as the tinted lenses ?
Yes they do. A way to describe our lenses is by their Visible Light Transmission (VLT). This is a measurement of how much light the lens allows to pass through to the eye. A low VLT allows very little light through, and a high VLT allows a lot of light to pass. This has been broken into 5 categories – they are listed below.

Category 0 - 80-100% VLT (lots of light passes through)
Category 1 - 46-79% VLT
Category 2 - 18-45% VLT
Category 3 - 8-17% VLT
Category 4 - 3-8% VLT (not much light passes through)

The clear lenses are category 0. Smoke, red mirror, and blue mirror are all  category 2. The silver mirror is category 3.

Do dogs really need UV protection ?
Yes. There are a number of eye conditions caused or compounded by exposure to UV rays.
Ultra violet light is known to cause various types of damage to the eye such as chronic sunburn to the eyelid and surrounding area due to lack of pigment, Chronic Superficial Keratitis (pannus), Cataracts and sun spots. 

I have a 2 year old blind dog. Will she benefit from wearing Rex Specs ?
Dogs with poor or no sight are often bumping into things around the house. Rex Specs provide full protection to the eyes and surrounding face area. The polycarbonate material also protects against sticks, branches, debris and dust. 

Will they move about on her face as she runs ?
Adjusted properly, the Rex Spec are stable without restricting the dogs breathing or ability to pick up toys

Watch this great video showing how to correctly fit Rex Specs to your dog.
Check out the video of our goggles passing the ANSI Z87.1–2010 impact resistance test. 
Additional information:
Discontinued colours still in stock: Cobalt Blue, Multicam, Neon Pink, Red, Pippa Pink.
Lens colours Blue Revo and Red Revo and now renamed to Blue Mirror and Red Mirror.
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  • Rex Specs Extra Small Goggles fit most dogs between 1.8kg - 6.8kg, Muzzle Less than 15cm, Head Less than 26cm
  • Rex Specs Small Goggles fit most dogs between 4.5kg - 11kg, Muzzle 15 - 20cm, Head 26 - 30cm
  • Rex Specs Small Wide Goggles fit most dogs between 6.8kg - 11kg, Muzzle 15 - 22cm, Head 30 - 38cm
  • Rex Specs Medium Goggles fit most dogs between 9kg - 18kg, Muzzle 20 - 22cm, Head 30 - 35cm
  • Rex Specs Large Goggles fit most dogs between 18kg - 38kg, Muzzle 22 - 29cm, Head 35 - 44cm
  • Rex Specs Extra Large Goggles fit most dogs over 38kg, Muzzle greater than 29cm, Head greater than 44cm
  • We recommend a strap extender if your dog's head is greater that 500mm around. Measure underneath their chin from the soft part of their lower jaw and then around their head 25mm below their ears to the other side.

Rex Specs Strap extender click here

Rex Specs single replacement lenses click here

Price includes GST.