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Style It provides a range of grooming tools for your pet. Self cleaning slickers, rubber curry combs, brushes and more. Great quality grooming tools at an affordable price.

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Style It provides a range of grooming tools for your pet. Self cleaning slickers, rubber curry combs and more.
  • Cat Brush: A smaller soft bristle brush suitable for cats, small dogs and other small animals. Because sometimes, smaller and softer is better.
  • Self Cleaning Slicker: Slickers are a great tool for getting small knots and tangles from a dogs fur. They also help to remove grass seeds and unwanted debris while separating locks and smoothing the coat. Slickers also help remove shedding hair. The problem has always been how to clean the slicker. Style It has a self cleaning slicker to solve this problem. Push the button and the hair in the slicker will simply drop out.
  • Rubber Brush: Rubber brushes are a great way of releasing shedding coats, and massaging a pet while you brush. Leave this lying around and watch your cat groom itself... Comfortable in the hand, this is a tool you'll love to use.
Grooming helps develop the bond between a pet and its and owner and is an important interaction. It also helps the owner to notice health changes before they become serious or life threatening.
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Each Style It grooming tools comes in one size only:
Self Cleaning Slicker:
Rubber Brush:
Cat Brush