Furminator Pet hair shedding tool for cats


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Furminator is by far the best grooming & shedding tool for cats. Reduce the presence of pet hair on your clothes & furniture. The original and the best.

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Furminator is by far the best way to reduce the constant presence of pet hair on your clothes and furniture.
Shedding is natural and there's no way to eliminate it happening, but regularly Furminating your cats or dogs not only reduces the amount of hair that falls around the house but it dramatically reduces the amount of fur that is ingested by your pets.
Did you know that the fur you find around your house is only one third of the fur your pets shed ? The other two thirds ends up in their stomach which is why hair balls are such a problem in pets. The patent design reached deep into the undercoat to remove loose and undercoat hair without cutting live hair or injuring the skin. It will reduce shedding by up to 90%.
The comb widths are Medium 67mm, Small 50mm.
Used and recommended by professional groomers and vets worldwide. Short hair, long hair, large or small, there is a Furminator that is perfect for your pet.
We currently only stock the Small option as it is perfect for large and small cats alike. If you have a large monster cat, we recommend the medium dog Furminator.
Watch this impressive video about Furminator for felines.
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What if I have a semi long hair cat ?
We recommend the Furminator long hair.
What age kitten can I start using the Furminator ?
Cats don't have a full coat until about ten weeks.
How regularly do I need to use the Furminator ?
There are a lot of variables to consider. The breed of cat and the time of year for seasonal moulting are the main considerations. However, the key to getting on top of shedding is to do it regularly. We opt for once a week but in springtime we increase that to three times a week.
It has metal teeth, does it cut the hair ?
No. The comb is aluminium and has no sharp edges. The teeth reach in to liberate dead hair that will fall out over the next day or two.
What if my cat doesn't like it ?
Use two hands and alternate strokes. One with the Furminator, the other is a long slow calming stroke on the back. Done properly, your cat won't be able to tell the difference.
Start lightly, do it regularly.
My cat gets matter knots under his legs, can I use Furminator on them ?
Not really. Furminator is a deshedding tool and is not designed to remove matted clumps.
Furminator is great for preventing them not removing them.
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The Furminator for Felines are available in two comb widths.
Medium 67mm, Small 50mm
They are available in long and short hair options.
For cats with semi long hair we suggest the long hair option is best for your cat.