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Petway Petcare, proudly Australian made & owned produce a natural based conditioner to enhance your dogs coat after their shampoo wash.

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This is a beautiful range of shampoos for your pets by Petway Petcare, proudly Australian made and owned. These products are naturally based, bio-degradable and environmentally responsible. Formulated with essential oils and herbal extracts of natural origin and are pH balanced for animals' sensitive skin. Only premium cosmetic grade raw ingredients and pure filtered demineralised water are used. The products are also highly concentrated, so only small amounts need to be used.

EVERYDAY PINK CONDITIONER a revitalizing and nourishing naturally based general purpose cosmetic conditioner for normal skin types. Leaves a lasting unique floral spice fragrance
GENTLE PROTEIN CONDITIONER with Aloe Vera a naturally based, gluten free, nourishing and revitalising cosmetic skin and coat conditioner. Safe for use on animals with sensitive skin. Low allergen fragrance
CREME POWDER CONDITIONER for normal skin types. Adds shine and restores natural lustre while invigorating the skin. Leaves a soft baby powder smell. 
Match your conditioner with these shampoos:
is naturally based shampoo for black and dark coats. It has been specifically formulated to enhance natural coat colours, add richness and shine without using dyes
AROMA CARE SHAMPOO with Vitamin E an excellent naturally based, cosmetic shampoo concentrate containing pure steam distilled essentials oils of Lavender and Chamomile
COARSE COATS SHAMPOO for Wire Coat & Harsh Coat Breeds a naturally based shampoo, specifically formulated to add texture and body to the coats of all breeds, but not soften wire, harsh or coarse coats
DE-SHEDDING SHAMPOO is a naturally based shampoo for use on double-coated and shedding breeds. Formulated to help release and assist in the de-moulting process
EVERYDAY PINK SHAMPOO our most popular naturally based general purpose cosmetic shampoo concentrate. It thoroughly cleanses and deodorises the coat and invigorates the skin. It has a unique long lasting fragrance
HERBAL SHAMPOO a naturally based, deep cleansing cosmetic shampoo concentrate. Contains natural herbal extracts of Aloe Vera, Citronella and Rosemary for cosmetic purposes. Citronella leaves a natural fragrance
SKIN CARE SHAMPOO with Vegetable Extracts and Vitamin E is a naturally based highly efficient cosmetic shampoo concentrate. Safe for use on animals with sensitive and irritated skin. Fragrance Free.
TEA TREE SHAMPOO a naturally based, general purpose, cosmetic shampoo concentrate. Contains pure natural tea tree oil and has similar properties to our best selling Everyday Pink Shampoo.
TEARLESS PUPPY SHAMPOO a naturally based gentle cosmetic shampoo concentrate. It is tearless, non-irritating and has a low allergen crisp apple fragrance. Great for puppies, face, super sensitive dogs and owner with allergies
VOLUMISING SHAMPOO contains natural proteins which add volume and body to the hair shafts giving a fuller look to the coat. It also moisturisers and hydrates the skin, adds shine and lustre to the coat. Yummy kiwi fruit fragrance
WICKED WHITE WHITENING & STAIN REMOVAL SHAMPOO has been specifically formulated for more advanced whitening. It contains a blue stain removing agent, which whitens white coats and assists in reducing unsightly stains.
If your considering changing your current shampoo or conditioner but are hesitant to buy a big bottle, we have small 100ml trial size bottles available.

  • Shake well before use
  • Rinse throroughly with fresh water after shampooing.
  • Apply conditioner and massage through your dogs coat.
  • Leave on for up to 4 minutes.
  • Rinse off with fresh warm water OR blow dry thoroughly without rinsing.
  • Brush/comb coat 
  • Be careful around eyes 
  • Close all doors to stop your dog going outside and rolling in the dirt (we should have mentioned that first)
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Size Guide: Available in 250ml bottle or 100ml trial size bottles.