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The Staffie Ball from Aussie Dog. An extra thick durable ball that has a rattle inside. Designed not to pop, crack or shatter. 12 month guarantee.

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Have you seen how fast a Staffordshire Terrier can destroy dog toys?
We have a solution for you simply called the Staffie Ball.
It's an extra thick durable ball that has a rattle inside of it to make it more interesting. It has been designed not to pop, crack or shatter. This ball is so strong it comes with a 12 month guarantee against your dog chewing a hole in it.
Made from 100% safe products, it's been tested with all sorts of wildlife including dogs, lions, tigers, bears, cheetahs, leopards, pandas, etc.
If you think that the ball surface is getting a bit rough and sharp and could cause some damage to your dogs mouth, just sand it smooth again. This action does not affect your warranty (except if you get carried away and sand it down to nothing. You know you who you are...) It is safe to leave your dog alone with this toy, but you should inspect it regularly for damage and remove it from play if it becomes compromised.
The Staffie Ball comes in one size only and weighs in at 1.3kg with a diameter of 24cm. Suitable for dogs 30-50kg.
Watch the great video attached of dogs using the Staffie Ball.

Pet toys should be used under supervision but if you are going to leave a toy unsupervised this is the toy for you.  This product is not indestructible.  Please replace this product when worn or damaged.

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Our Staffie Ball is available in one size only.