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The WACKYwalk’r long shock absorbing dog leash represents unrivalled form & function. Gives your dog freedom of movement while retaining complete control.

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The WACKYwalk’r leash represents unrivaled form and function, allowing your dog optimal freedom of movement while retaining complete control. The force-inhibiting stretch of the rubber tubing lessens stress on both you and your pet.
The centre is reinforced with a safety line, guarding against tearing and breakage.
It will only extend to twice its length offering complete control.
It continuously and gently corrects your pet.
The natural properties of rubber allow for easy cleaning. The latex deters chewing.
The overall length is 140cm. The 90cm rubber section extends to 180cm.
The leash offers your dog more ‘room to roam’.
A secondary ‘Traffic’ handle is provided at bottom near the collar to allow complete control.
All Walk'r 2 leashes have barrell bolt clips.
The WACKYwalk’r is available in 3 sizes – small, medium, large, and see also the shorter Urban leash which can be matched up with the CRAZYcoupl’r for the owner with more than one dog.
Size guide
Small 0.5 – 9 kgs
Medium 9.5 – 27 kgs
Large 27 – 91 kgs
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Size guide
Small 0.5 – 9 kgs
Medium 9.5 – 27 kgs
Large 27 – 91 kgs