Double Tigga


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Super strong and stylish, the Tigga Towers Double Tigga will take some serious punishment from even the most active cats. Modular, so you can alter it to suit.

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A wonderfully simple design that fits into any multi-cat home with space for 2 -3 cats to curl up and sleep. They are super strong, providing enrichment and an elevated sanctuary for felines. At over a metre tall they enable cats to get a full stretch and not resort to using the sofa. The Double Tigga requires some basic assembly.

The Double Tigga comes with the following as standard:

1 x 0.5 metre Sizal covered scratchy pole

1 x 1.0 metre Sizal covered scratchy pole 

2 x square wicker baskets 

2 x Tigga single loop comfort bedding

1 x Solid black granite two hole base (oak base shown in image)

All the accessories needed to put it together.

The Double Tigga will be delivered to you as in components. It's very easy to put together, but do talk to us about a free instalation in your home.

Our Tigga Towers come with a 12 month guarantee as standard. Our poles will not lose their sizal coverings, though they will slowly wear down with time. Don't worry. By occasionally turning the poles or flipping them upside down, you will get even wear and a longer lasting tower.

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