Water Fountain


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Product Type: Dog Vendor:Pioneer
Pioneer pet fountains will pump water for your pets. Big Max & Raindrop have a gentle cascade of water & is suitable for cats & all dog breeds. Ceramic or steel

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Many animals are attracted to, and prefer to drink from, moving water sources.
Cats are renowned for preferring to drink from a tap, which can be costly, especially if they learn to turn on the tap themselves. They always forget to turn it off again.

The Pioneer range of pet fountains are beautifully designed products made from heavy duty ceramic or stunning stainless steel. They are not out of place in the most modern of interior designs.

The fountains are easy to clean and maintain, and are dishwasher safe. Each fountain comes with a replaceable charcoal filter. The constant flow of water continuously washes the bowl clean. 

The Big Max Black Ceramic fountain has a huge 3.78 litre capacity.

The fountain has a 1.82m long power cord and a safe, low voltage power system complete with Australian plug.

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