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Trim your cat's claws regularly & safely with these Gripsoft nail clippers. These scissor style clippers are quick & easy to use.

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Trim your cat's claws regularly and safely with these Gripsoft nail clippers.
These scissor style clippers are quick and easy to use and reduce the risk of hurting your cat.
All cats claws should be inspected regularly and clipped if too long. Clipping a cats claws will not stop your cat from scratching, so get a good scratch pole too! It will, however, ensure your cat's health is maintained.
Grooming your cat increases the bond between you, so it's an important part of your interaction.
Not all cats will like having their claws clipped initially. We recommend that time is taken to accustom your cat to being touched all over, by stroking and scratching, including all the way down the legs. Once your cat is happy letting you touch its legs and paws, move to massaging the paw and in between the pads. Once your cat is comfortable with this, you can start to press the end of each toe, allowing the claw to extend. We even start a gentle touch with our nail against their claw, so the cat is comfortable with the feel of the claw being touched, tapped and eventually clipped.
Watch the great video showing you how easy it is to trim your cats claws.
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These Gripsoft claw clippers are a small scissor style. If you have large hands, fingers or are arthritic, you may wish to try the medium dog nail clippers as they will be more comfortable in your hands.