Cotex Hydrokill


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Cotex HYDROKILL FLEA & TICK RINSE CONCENTRATE Aids in the control of fleas, adult brown tick, paralysis tick & lice on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

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Cotex products are for the control of fleas and ticks, including the adult brown tick and the paralysis tick.
This product also controls lice on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Controls lice on caged birds.
A proven, highly effective, fast acting treatment the main active, Pyrethrin, is a fast knockdown natural insecticide working immediately on fleas, ticks and lice can be used daily during high infestation periods for continuous paralysis tick control can be used every 3 days during the tick season
Not recommended for animals under 3 months of age
  • Use as per label.
  • Do not rinse off after washing the animal.
  • Mix 10ml with 1 litre of warm water for dogs
  • Mix 5ml with 1 litre of warm water for cats
  • Sponge or spray onto the animal until thoroughly soaked
  • Avoid contact with the animals eyes
  • Allow the animal to dry naturally
  • Do not rinse off
  • Puppies and kittens should be towel dried to prevent chilling
NOTE: Only use Cotex Hydrokill on cats - no other Cotex products.
Read and follow all instructions carefully before use.
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Available in 500ml and 1 litre bottles only.