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The Clik Stik is an all-in-one clicker and retractable target stick for trick & target training. Train any cat, dog, horse, bird... or child.

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The Clik Stik is an all-in-one clicker and retractable target stick —perfect for trick and target training.
The Clik Stik combination frees up one of the trainer's hands. This means there's one less piece of equipment to drop, juggle or lose.
A wonderful tool for teaching targeting, contacts and weave poles, send-aways or go-outs, heeling, ups, downs, drops and lots more.
Target extends from 15 to 58cm and handle includes a belt clip for easy carrying. Includes a training guide.
Product features:
  • All-in-one clicker and retractable target stick
  • Fully telescoping from 15 to 58cm
  • The sound of the Clik Stik is less percussive than some clickers, which can be helpful when working with sensitive dogs.
  • Includes a belt / pocket hook to free your hands for other activities.
  • Can be used as clicker when rod is closed.
Not just for dogs, the Clik Stik is great for training other pets including cats, horses, birds, tigers, lions (just not children). Whether training a new puppy, raising a great family dog, or training for agility or behavioural problems, the clicker is a food free reward system that is proven to work.
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The Clik Stik is fully telescoping from 15 to 58cm. It comes in purple.