LED Light Dog Collar


Product Type: Dog Vendor:Doglite
Make sure your dog is seen at night with a Doglite Colour Code LED Light dog collar. Bright and colourful. Steady or flashing light.

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It's important to stay safe when out walking in the early morning or late evening. Make sure your dog is seen when out and about with a Doglite LED collar. Now there's no reason to stay inside and sit on the sofa after dinner. Get off that butt and get out there walking. Get fit and healthy while you're at it.
Handy at the dog park too where you have more than one dog. You can keep an eye on each dogs whereabouts. They can't hide with that glowing collar on and, as they can't see any other colour than blue, they will wonder how you know which dog is which.
LED dog light collar Vital Statistics:
  • - A 25mm coloured premium woven polyester webbing with reinforced stitching
  • - 14mm optical fibre strip can be seen from a long distance.
  • - It contains a replaceable CR 2032 Battery that provides up to 60 hours of continuous use.
  • - Options of steady, fast and slow flash modes. Includes a 12 month warranty against workmanship and materials.
Will the light affect my dogs vision at night time?
No - Doglite collars are designed for safety, not for reading a book. The light is safe and subtle. Your dog won't even notice the difference.
Is the collar waterproof?
The collars are water resistant. So a shower of rain won't affect it, but we do recommend removing the collar to wash the dog or before going swimming. The collars are not recommended for submersion in water.
Should I reseal the switch case when I replace the batteries?
While it's not necessary, you will prolong the life of the collar if you use a clear silicon sealant around the assembly. Wipe away any excess sealant once assembled.
What should I do if the collar is submerged in water?
Remove the batteries from the collar immediately and leave the collar and assembly to dry completely. Remember to reseal the assembly as suggested above.
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Extra Small - fits neck 24 - 36cm
Small - fits neck 28 - 40cm
Medium - fits neck 40 - 50cm
Large - fits neck 50 - 60cm
Extra Small collars are 1.5cm wide.
Small, medium and large collars are all 2.5cm wide.
Battery size CR2032.