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The SlimCat treat dispensing ball is designed to give cats stimulation to slow eating. Use it as enrichment or a weight loss program. Bust that boredom.

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The devil makes work for idle claws.
With pet obesity on the increase mostly due to owners over feeding their pets, it is great to have a simple to use, adjustable treat dispenser designed for specifically cats.
In addition to basic needs and physical activity, cats need their minds to be stimulated in order for them to live a happy and healthy life. An active cat equals a happy cat and its up to owners to help keep indoor cats minds alert and sharp until they develop opposable thumbs. Then it will be too late.
Benefits of our Cat Treat Ball:
• Fights obesity and helps to maintain optimum weight
• Enriches the cat's environment and improves alertness
• It’s a great boredom buster
• Makes mealtimes fun
• Slows down fast eaters
• Improves cat's digestion by eating small portions several times a day
• Holds up to 2/3 cup and compatible with most dry cat foods
• Adjustable hole sizes to make it easy or difficult to get the treats
• FDA approved plastic
• Dishwasher safe
• Increase the life of your curtains (potentially)
Also suitable for other small pets like ferrets, rats or snails
Watch the videos to see our Cat Treat Ball in use.
NOT suitable for large dogs that are likely to break it with their razor sharp teeth
Pet toys should be used under supervision.  This product is not indestructible.  Please replace this product when worn or damaged.
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Our Slim Cat Treat Ball is available in one size.
80mm diameter and holds 2/3 cup of dry cat food such as BlackHawk Chicken and Rice feline formula.
Has six adjustable outlet holes and a screw top for easy reloading and cleaning.