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Doggy Sunstick provides a convenient sunscreen to protect your dog from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays whenever they’re outdoors. Roll on stick.

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Don't forget your pets when you're out in the sun this summer. 
Whether you're at the beach, the park, going for a walk or just lazing in the back yard, keep your dog safe from the sun.
Doggy Sunstick provides a fast, convenient way to protect your dog from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays whenever they’re outdoors. 
The gentle, non-greasy formula was developed especially for dogs and compares to SPF 15 rated sunscreens for people. 
Simply apply to the sensitive areas of your dog any time it is out in the sun, especially on ears, nose, muzzle, pink skin areas and entire coat of light colored or short haired dogs. 
Just roll on for instant sun protection.

Any dog can get sunburn,” says Dr Jade Norris, RSPCA Australia Scientific Officer. “But hairless dogs, white- and-pink skinned pets, white and light-haired pets and short and thin-haired pets are particularly susceptible. Outside living pets and shaved pets are also more susceptible.”

Just like humans, sunburn on dogs can have nasty consequences. UV radiation is a factor in some dog cancers such as squamous cell carcinoma, a malignant cancer which can spread to other parts of the body. Another cancer thought to be UV-induced is dermal haemangiosarcoma.

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Can I use human sun screen on my pets ?
No. Most human sunscreens contain Zinc Oxide which can cause zinc toxicity in animals especially as they tend to lick them selves.
Which dog breeds are most at risk ?
Any dog with visible pink or pale skin. Any dog with white, fine or sparce hair.
How else can I protect my dog from sunburn ?
Sunburn is highly preventable. Make sure there is plenty of shaded areas for shelter. Avoid going out during the hottest times of the day (between 10 and 4).
Hats also help heep the dogs head cool and protect the eyes from direct exposure and Doggles with UV lenses also provide excellent protect for your dog.
How do I tell if my dog has sunburn ?
The same as humans. The skin will become pink or red and will be warm and painful to touch.
How do I treat sunburn in my dog ?
Depending on the severity of the sunburn. Immediately, remove the dog from the sun and cool the area with cool (not cold) water. Then contact your vet or 24 hour vet clinic.
Don't be tempted to use human remedies or cosmetics on your dog.
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This 14gram stick is easy to use and is a compact pocket size.